What is ViewPoint ?


ViewPoint’s software is designed to cater for every aspect of the administration and management of entities including companies, trusts, partnerships, foundations and funds.



ViewPoint is a fully integrated solution consisting of multiple modules including: Entity Administration, Practice Manager, Client Accountant and Document Manager.


Administrator retains and provides instant access to accounts, compliance, statutory, officers, related parties, shareholder and ownership structures, beneficiaries, bank accounts and signatories, assets, securities and transaction information.


‘We attended the presentation and realized that ViewPoint had the functionality to meet our business requirements and bring about much needed administrative efficiency to the desktops of our corporate administrators in support of serving our corporate clients’. -Winston C. Robinson, CPA, Managing Director, AS&K Services Limited.

Practice Manager is comprised of three elements, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and Time & Disbursements.

Each element integrates with the others to provide a single comprehensive solution for the sales, purchase, time charging and recovery operations of professional wealth and entity management organisations. These alterations are in turn instantly integrated with ‘Client Accountant’ for both client and internal accounts.

Client Accountant is a multi currency solution designed for businesses requiring effective maintenance of accounting records, production of reports and statements for an unlimited number of entities under management.


‘ViewPoint Client Accountant has been significantly developed to cater for the demanding needs of entity management… [It] is clearly ahead of the others when it comes to entity management’ – Sole Hogg, Viewpoint Gibraltar Representative

Document Manager is a comprehensive document storage, workflow and task management system providing substantial gains in staff productivity and streamlining document generation and archiving processes.


One ViewPoint Client decided to add Document Manager to its ViewPoint suite and within six months the money saves from the freed up floor space and revenue from using the space effectively paid for the additional investment. – ViewPoint 15th Anniversary Magazine

Benefits of using ViewPointWhy choose ViewPoint ?

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ViewPoint is one of the software solutions we provide.

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